Our CEO, Ali Cox, was recently featured on the podcast, Digital Rage, a show that covers topics concerning marketing and technology, hosted by Matt Ramage and Jeff Byer. On the podcast, Ali reminisced upon her experience as an Olympian and shared her insights on the Ag Marketing industry.

In 2004, Ali competed in the Olympics as a rower, in Athens, Greece, after making the women’s eight rowing boat.

“The Olympics were very hard, obviously. Training is typically six and a half days a week. It requires an extraordinary amount of teamwork, but then, also, a lot of independent grit and just confidence in yourself… ,” mentions Ali.

“It was an amazing team experience, and really has positioned me well for my career,” said Cox. As founder and CEO of Ali Cox & Company Marketing (AC&C), Ali mentions that her pivotal life experience has, in turn, translated to her position as CEO.

“How I run our business and our agency is with a team-first perspective. Most of our team members touch all of our work and work very collaboratively. We are there to support each other, and I think that really was cemented from rowing the Olympics,” says Ali.

Located in the heartland of California agriculture, AC&C serves a diverse group of farmers and growers in the area and provides them with the tools to keep their business thriving. We develop innovative marketing strategies for our clients, assist with grower relations through email marketing, and provide a full videography team to create compelling storytelling.

As a fifth-generation farmer, Ali chose to focus primarily on Ag marketing because she saw an opportunity and necessity to give cultivators a platform to share their experiences in the industry.

“We want growers to feel comfortable telling their stories. By nature, farmers are very gritty, confident, quiet, and hardworking,” explains Ali.

“It’s not first nature for them to go and tell their stories to the world. We work to help growers tell stories that are very authentic, based on whomever their audience is and understanding, right now, that audience is global.”

With the ever-changing technology in today’s world, AC&C also supports their clients with adapting to each new innovative tech that rolls out in the ag industry as well as the marketing industry. From smartphones to electronic moisture sensors, to privately owned weather stations, Ali knows the immense amount of modernization that is taking place in farming operations.

“California ag, in particular, is innovating very rapidly. While yes, we require a lot of resources to do our jobs, we, unapologetically, are moving, adopting, and adapting,” says Ali.

One case study that makes Ali proud is the Monte Vista Farming Company project.

“The CEO [Jonathan Hoff] is very innovative. He’s a younger CEO and steadfast advocate of ag and the California almond industry.”

Ali recalls a risk Hoff took when developing a new website with AC&C for his company. “I am so proud of that website…It really was Jonathan, the CEO, saying ‘Let’s just go for it, let’s do something different’”.

The risk paid off – Ali mentions that the Monte Vista Farming Company has developed strong relationships with partners because of their transparent and traceable process in the plant we took the same approach with their video and website strategy.

Ali credits Monte Vista Farming’s growth to their willingness to take a chance and be original. “Now, they’re so successful and growing their tonnage, and have deep relationships with their growers and customers.”

This courage to take strategic risks and mission to deliver authentic marketing campaigns has kind of become the secret sauce of our agency. Bon appétit!

Digital Rage issues new podcasts every week, highlighting the newest topics concerning marketing and technology. To listen to the full episode, click HERE.

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