Winner, Winner! 

We are so proud to announce that we are the winner of the Agricultural Relations Council “Golden ARC Award” for our efforts on the ABC’s Harvest Dust Videos Series! Specifically, we were awarded the “Video Programs” award in the “TACTIC” division. With intentions of supporting our industry and desire to continue to be a part of the Ag Marketing ecosystem, we applied and didn’t look back!

It was an honor teaming up with The Almond Board of California to develop the harvest dust video series. The set consisted of four informative videos, both in English and Spanish, which focused on almond harvest best practices. 

“It was a privilege to work on this project closely with the Almond Board industry team on this video series. This is our first ARC award, and we hope to add a few more trophies to our name!” -Ali Cox. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t allow for a traditional ceremony, thankfully, the Agricultural Relations Council (ARC) was still able to move forward and recognize those in ag public relations in a new way. Unlike most years where the Golden ARC Awards are given out during an annual conference, ARC held a virtual awards ceremony on July 23, 2020, via Zoom – our favorite!

Virtual Golden Arc Awards Ceremony

“2019 was a great year for work in ag PR, and the number of entries is proof of that. The deadline for entries hit right when people were transitioning to working from home due to the pandemic, but that didn’t stop our members from wanting to show off their hard work,” said ARC Executive Director Kristy Mach. “The important work communicating agriculture’s story continues, and we see the pay off during these times as more people are cooking at home and connecting to the important role agriculture plays in their daily lives.”

About the Golden ARC Awards Program

The Golden ARC Award contest began in 1990 and since then has held an annual ceremony to recognize Ag public relations professionals in the industry. The Agricultural Relations Council continues to provide a collaborative space for members where they can share ideas, provide creative feedback to each other, and gain a closer working relationship with other professionals. The ARC association was organized in 1953 is the only national association who is dedicated to providing recognition and guidance to public relations professionals working in the agriculture and food industries. The contest continues to commend professionals in the agriculture industry through categories ranging from tactics to full campaigns such as video production, digital advertising, and media relations.

See the full list of winners here.

If you’re an operator or grower looking for tips and recommendations or would simply like to watch the series go ahead and follow the links below:

Video 1: Why Reducing Your Dust During Harvest Matters | California Almonds

Video 2: Why Keeping Your Orchard Floor Clean Will Save You Time and Money | California Almonds

Video 3: Five Recommendations to Reduce Harvest Dust Using Pickup Equipment | California Almonds

Video 4: Five Recommendations to Reduce Harvest Dust Using Sweeper Equipment | California Almonds

Spanish Videos:

Video 1: Por Qué Es Importante Reducir El Polvo Durante La Cosecha | California Almonds

Video 2: Reducir Polvo de la Cosecha Usando Las Recomendaciones de Equipos de Barredora | California Almonds

Video 3: Reducir Polvo de Cosecha Utilizando Equipos de Recolección | California Almonds

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