Musings on California Water: Daunting But Hopeful

Not usually one for politics and certainly not contentious politics, as the California water crisis worsens, I do have thoughts to share. This year Colusa County went from planting an annual average of 150,000 acres of rice to barely more than 7,000 acres (AgAlert). California is the second-largest rice-growing state and most of that rice […]

Four Golden ARC Wins for AC&C

Ali Cox Golden ARC Awards

2022 was another great year for AC&C at the Agricultural Relations Council’s “Golden ARC Award Contest.” Our four wins were made even more incredible with our founder, Ali Cox, being able to accept them in person at the awards presentation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The honors were received for client work across  graphic design, feature writing, […]

Put Your Brand in Front of the Camera, Consumers Want More Video

AC&C Filming

The data supporting video as a marketing tactic mounts each year. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri shared in the last year that video is “driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.” Video hosting platforms like Wistia report that the average time spent on webpages without video is 4.3 minutes while pages […]

Elevating an Already Well-Respected Almond Brand

Minturn Nut Brand

Minturn Nut Company is one of California’s largest independent almond processors. They began as nine growers looking for a better way to conduct business and have long been recognized for their commitment to their growers. In 2021, Minturn partnered with the AC&C team to elevate and update their already well-respected brand and drive awareness. To […]

The Tell-Tale Signs of Strong Operations

Operations can be likened to the paddling legs of a duck while it glides seamlessly along the water – undetected on the surface, but going at full speed just out of view, and essential to launching the business-as-duck forward. To get a better understanding of all that masterful propulsion our eye misses, AC&C Content Manager, […]

Indoor Farming Means Enjoying A Crisp Salad in January

An emerging food sector that is unabashedly telling their story is indoor vertical farming. Indoor farmers are popping up all over the country with satisfying stories about their agronomy, water, robotics, and taste-testing practices. Admittedly the marketing approach to selling indoor-farmed bounty has had my interest for over a decade now. For the first time, […]

3 Mantras for Creating a People-Centric Agency Experience


Though we come to our work from different time zones and diverse backgrounds, clients can trust that the whole team is all-in on being audacious, never settling, doing the right thing and putting people first. Those are our four company values. They are values we brainstormed, wrote out and chose as an agency because they […]

Increasing Social Engagement with a Plant-Based Millennial Consumer

Healthy millennial woman stretching beside images of chickpeas and bean bowls

The California Dry Bean Advisory Board, or CalBeans, is an advisory board of growers advancing the production of beans via research funding and promotion of California-grown beans. They are California growers representing the interests of California growers. Over the last seven years, CalBeans has worked with AC&C Marketing to establish the board’s place as a […]

2021 Reflections on Building Culture and Great Marketing

I’m sure we all started the year thinking, “It’s got to be different, right?” I know I did. And while the year definitely took a new direction, some conditions stayed the same. We and our clients encountered all the standard obstacles of years past:  drought, global supply chain issues, lingering pandemic and all of this […]

AC&C Marketing Proudly Receives Four Golden ARC Awards

Golden ARC Awards 2020

We’re thrilled to announce an evening of big industry wins for AC&C from the Agricultural Relations Council’s “Golden ARC Award Contest.” In October,  AC&C was awarded four coveted awards featuring 2020 client work ranging across video production, design, copywriting, and social strategy.  “Earning these four Golden ARC awards is a huge testament to our teamwork […]