Livingston Community Health

back to all Livingston Community Health Client Livingston Community Health Services  Brand Messaging Development, Marketing Collateral, Internal Marketing Initiatives, Social Media, Paid Media, Video Development, Event Planning The Challenge Livingston Community Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) providing primary and preventative outpatient services while working to meet community initiatives for underserved populations in […]

Planet Rice

back to all Planet Rice Client Planet Rice Services  Brand Positioning & Messaging, Creative Concept, Website Build, Social Media, Influencer Partnerships, Paid Media, Blog Development The Challenge Planet Rice is a vertically-integrated, premium rice brand that mills, sprouts, and packages every kernel of rice themselves. Their process positively impacts climate through soil care, water use […]

Dave Wilson Nursery

back to all Dave Wilson Nursery Client Dave Wilson Nursery Services  Brand Positioning and Messaging, Website Redesign, Video/Photo Production, Social Media, Paid Media, Direct Mail, Print Advertising The Challenge Founded in 1938, Dave Wilson Nursery is the largest leading fruit, nut and shade tree nursery in the nation. They partnered with AC&C to tell their […]

Sun Valley Rice

back to all Sun Valley Rice Client Sun Valley Rice Services  Brand Positioning and Messaging, Website Redesign, Video/Photo Production, Sales Asset Development, Social Media, Paid Media, Trade Publication Strategy and Content Development The Challenge Owned by LaGrande Family Foods in Arbuckle, CA, Sun Valley Rice is one of the largest family-owned growers, millers and shippers […]


AgCode Vines

back to all AgCode Client AgCode Services  Logo Redesign, Brand Positioning and Messaging, Email Newsletter Development, Trade Show Asset Development, Sales Collateral, Social Media The Challenge AgCode’s software works with 24 different crops, currently serving 700,000 acres and 5,000 active users. As an innovative solution offering best-in-class technology, they did not want to limit the […]

Minturn Nut Company

back to all Minturn Nut Company Client Minturn Nut Company Services  Logo Redesign, Brand Positioning and Messaging, Website Redesign, Sales Collateral, Video/Photo Production The Challenge Minturn Nut Company is one of California’s largest independent almond processors. They began as nine growers looking for a better way to conduct business and have long been recognized for […]