2021 Reflections on Building Culture and Great Marketing

I’m sure we all started the year thinking, “It’s got to be different, right?” I know I did. And while the year definitely took a new direction, some conditions stayed the same. We and our clients encountered all the standard obstacles of years past:  drought, global supply chain issues, lingering pandemic and all of this […]

10 Lessons in Leadership from an Olympic Medalist 

Every four (or in this case, five) years, my past as an Olympian comes roaring back — and I’m always thrilled! I competed on the U.S. Women’s 8+ boat in rowing at the 2004 Athens Games, earning a silver medal and breaking a 20-year-long winless streak in the boat class. (Fun fact: The Women’s 8+ […]

Nobody Works Harder Than a Working Mom

working moms ali cox

Let’s hear it for moms! While we’re at it, let’s talk about how working moms are some of the hardest working humans we know. These moms are a force to be reckoned with considering 40.4 percent of households with children under 18 have moms in them who are equal, primary, or sole earners1. While moms […]