What does the phrase “uncertain times” really mean, anyway? For better or worse, it’s become one of today’s biggest buzzwords. It means that there’s a battle going on: Uncertainty v. Control. And one thing is for sure, it’s a battle for our minds. 

A few(ish) years ago, I learned an important lesson from my Olympic rowing coach: “Control the controllables. You can only control what happens in your lane.” That rowing advice sure is applicable to the storm we’re currently experiencing. Let’s control the controllables with our marketing messaging, our advertising, our content, and how we prepare our teams. 

I’m focused on what I know – I know I love marketing, I love my professional purpose in life, and I love helping my clients be their best selves. I’m also focused on positioning our agency for long-term success so we can continue to do more good work in the agriculture and food industries.

As long as these uncertain times continue, I’m going to keep focusing on those beliefs because they shape my outlook and my actions. Those are my controllables. The muck being thrown around, the constant noise, and the haywire misinformation out there are out of my control. I’m going to be aware of what’s going on, but I won’t be consumed by it because I’ve got a big job to do here. Keeping your focus in these uncertain times is like winning a medal at the Olympics – you win and lose in your own lane but be ready for choppy waters and fierce competitors. 

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