A meeting used to require a drive or a flight. Then we adopted the conference call (“Hello, who’s on the line?”). Now we’re in virtual video meeting territory … and we’re rapidly learning that many of our video meetings could have been emails.

I’m learning as we go here, too, although I had a leg up. Our team works 100% on Macs with embedded cameras, so video calls have never been a big deal. Our docs are saved on Dropbox, we use Slack to communicate internally, we collaborate via Google Sheets and we use Mavenlink for project management.  For us, the transition from life in the office to our virtual #WFH offices hasn’t been as cumbersome as it has been for others.

Could a well-thought-out email take the place of a video call? In certain cases, yes but in other cases, no. That said, here’s my rundown when I’m determining best mode for communication with our clients:

An exception, of course, is relationship building. You’re most likely not going to build a relationship all that quickly over email — you need to feel the feels with the person and hear their authentic tone. That’s why Zoom happy hours are crazy popular right now!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Please email ali@alicox.com with feedback of what works for your team.

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