You’ve probably heard of an editorial calendar, but do you know why you need one?

An editorial calendar is a roadmap for your content that typically falls in line with your overall brand strategy and sales goals throughout the year. It’s the content strategy that backs up all of those initiatives.

The editorial calendars we produce for clients span website content, blog posts, e-newsletters and social media. Brainstorming calendar content is one of the key ways we stay proactive for our clients — we can see the big picture. There’s a time and place for “stream of consciousness” observations — which is why Facebook and Instagram stories are great — but an editorial calendar is a more strategic approach that ensures we’re telling the appropriate stories at the appropriate times.

It’s not as daunting as you might think to plan your whole year! To get started, pull out a big piece of paper and sketch out 12 months. I typically ask our clients to think about the questions they receive from clients during that timeframe. Next, we list any important deadlines and begin to whittle down the most important items. From there, we have our strategy and can begin writing, videoing, or designing based on our new calendar.

As a reminder, an editorial calendar should consist of excellent content that will enrich the lives of your customers. Your customers typically don’t want to know about what we call “office happenings” — topics such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They want to hear ideas, suggestions, and timely information from you, a trusted business partner, that will help them be more educated and enriched.”

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