People often ask me, “Where do you get your energy?” Admittedly, I’m wired to be a go-getter. But here’s the thing: energy runs out and can sometimes feel out of grasp. Instead, I prefer to focus on momentum because it’s something I can actually build. As marketers, this is something we all need to check in with every day. What are we building? Where are we going? How can we keep moving forward, regardless of energy levels?

Need to write a client marketing strategy? Start by clearly stating what the end goal is, and then work backwards by creating an outline.

Need to write a month’s worth of social media content across five channels? Begin with a brainstorm and create a mood board on Pinterest.

Need to get an advertising campaign out the door on deadline? Find your focus by having a conversation about what your target audience might have had for breakfast and where. Perhaps create a mood board about the vegan breakfast they enjoyed in their sustainably harvested, domestic-cotton pajamas and documented in an Instagram story.

These are just three examples of momentum starters. Think of exercises and/or specific things you can do to jumpstart your creativity and momentum. It’s completely under your control. And once you pick up momentum, guess what? Your energy usually follows.

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