Clients. We know ‘em. We love ‘em. But if we asked you how many kids Bob has, would you know the answer?

At AC&C, the importance of client management goes far beyond completing tasks and providing strategic value. When you think of successful client management you probably think of providing weekly reports, following up, showing up to meetings on time and prepared, and planning their annual Christmas gift. Sure those things are nice, but they’re expected from you and it may even make you feel like a robot.

Take the opportunity to pour some oil on your tin body and start thinking of your clients as people too. Here are 4 simple rules I stand by when developing a relationship with a client:

1. Be Open and Bold

Marketing is fun and creative. We get the opportunity to come to work every day with a fresh, new perspective. Don’t hold back on the new and creative ways to market their business, be bold in your recommendations.

2. Developing Trust

We treat our clients as real partners. They trust our account team with very important tasks and confidential information. Trust didn’t just happen though. They trust us because they have come to know Ali and our team personally, and vice versa.

3. Celebrate Big and Small Wins

Is your client having a big life event happening? Did your marketing campaign bring in brand new leads? Send them a note, take them out to lunch for their birthday, and bring them their favorite coffee order every now and then.

4. Let’s Get to Business (in five minutes)

Every meeting doesn’t have to jump right into a lengthy agenda. Give yourself time to catch up on life with your client and allow them to share updates on what’s been going on with them in their personal and professional life. Your agenda will wait for you.

Working alongside each one of my clients is truly what I look forward to most. All of our clients and their respecting businesses are different, so we shouldn’t treat them all the same either. Invest the time to get to know them and then continue to produce perfect work with each task they entrust you with.

BRB, I have a lunch date with a client friend in 10 minutes!

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