A frictionless user path makes for a fluid customer experience that lessens consumer frustration and dissatisfaction. Much of the time, we likely don’t even realize that the experience is considered frictionless because it feels so seamless.

In fact, Wendy Wood, a professor of Psychology and Business at USC, found that 43% of our daily actions run on autopilot and are not driven by an active decision.

Friction creates discontent and thus, produces a roadblock for the consumer to proceed with a purchase or a signup. Friction tends to make things difficult when they should instead be as smooth as possible to retain, and keep customers satisfied.

Our Marketing Assistant Hannah, recently posed the following question to our team here at AC&C Marketing:

How can we as marketers make things frictionless?

Consumers like actions that are easy. These are some examples of brands  currently offering frictionless customer experiences:

With online reviews being as powerful as ever, it is important to make sure customer satisfaction is guaranteed and a frictionless customer experience will help to better achieve that positive result.

According to BrightLocal, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses, and only 48% of consumers would consider using a business with fewer than 4 stars.

Customers hope for and want a positive experience and it is our job as marketers, to make that experience as frictionless as possible.

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