How do you make your “sometimes” product into an “all-the-times” product?
Nutpods is one of my beloved brands. I’m trying to recall when it graduated from a one-time purchase to a regular subscription in my Amazon cart. What was the tipping point for me? Did I just decide one day that I couldn’t live without it?
I’m not sure I can pinpoint the exact moment Nutpods became a must-have for me (and my coffee!), but I do know why this brand caught my attention.
The brand speaks to my ethos. I love its mission and its purpose. I love that the CEO is socially minded and does great things for the community. I love the innovative mix of almond and coconut milk. I love the texture and creaminess of the product. I love the *click* of the lid as it opens. I love the Nutpods brand story.
As you can see, I’m a Nutpods loyalist and will continue to be, regardless of COVID-19 or any other crisis. I suspect the Nutpods team knows the why that compels me to buy their product on repeat because they understand me as a consumer — socially-minded, willing to pay for an excellent product, and hungry for a brand that makes business decisions in a conscious, community-minded way.
Your brand can be just as essential to your consumers as Nutpods are for me. Ask yourself: How has your brand or marketing message penetrated your audience? Do you know your audience’s why? Answer those questions and you’ll discover the spark that fans the flames of an all-the-times love.

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