Do all the means of communication these days make you a little dizzy? I mean, how are you supposed to know when to text, call, video chat, instant message, direct message, email, Slack, or just plain yell down the hall? Take a deep breath and read on.

When it comes to customer and client management, the best rule of thumb is that during your first conversation or an interaction, stop and ask their communication preferences. If they say, “Whatever works for you,” then I would lay down the truth. I like to email with clients. Internally, our team likes to Slack, instant message, and video. But heaven forbid one of them calls my cell – that’s when I know it’s serious!

But back to client communication: Do your best to answer using the same means they used to contact you. If they phoned and left a voicemail, then call back. If they texted, text back. Email, same. You get the picture.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the options, get ahead of it and manage it. Remember to ask up front or request what works best for you. This requires vulnerability and confidence, but you’ll be much happier in the long run. 

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