I’ll get straight to the point here: If you’re a brand with an e-commerce offering and you’re not buying digital advertising, it’s the same as owning a car without gas. You could sit in the garage and enjoy the radio, but you’ll never get out of the driveway. Most of your friends will never know you have a great car with a premium sound system, climate-controlled seats, and a moon roof. They won’t be able to hop in and enjoy it with you. The same goes for your website: people will like it once they’re in it, but most will never even know it’s there.

Digital advertising is something the AC&C team specializes in. In fact, we have three dedicated experts. They focus on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram advertising — and that’s just the starting point. Within each of these platforms, there are multiple ways to set up your ads. If you’re a super small business or startup, you can try placing online ads on your own and learn a ton. For larger regional businesses and/or brands with significant e-commerce goals, I recommend contacting us for a consult. But you should also remember to use the tools accessible to you. Online shopping and delivery are happening for everything under the sun, and recent events have hugely accelerated that growth. Just last week, I ordered ice cream and curry sauce on the internet (gotta stock up on those essentials, people!). As long as the shipping and delivery companies are still at work, e-commerce brands need to be investing in digital advertising to thrive.

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