Eighty percent of all internet traffic comes from video. While this might be a staggering statistic to some, for those aged 40 and under, it likely isn’t. If you think about the social media posts you most often click on, they’re probably YouTube videos. If you consider your phone activity, you’re likely to be watching videos more than you even realize.

Video creation is a service that all of us at AC&C love to provide our clients. It allows the entire team to work together and get creative. There’s strategy, vision boards, shot lists, logistics, script writing, filming, editing, post-editing animation, and then voila – screening!

The process involves everybody from the copywriter to the graphic designer to the animator. It can sometimes be shocking to clients when — well, let’s be honest — they see the price tag. Many of them think all that’s needed for a video shoot is a “dude with a camera.” And in some cases, that can be true.

However, if you’re looking to tell a thoughtful story in your brand’s unique tone and with captivating editing, it’s probably going to take about seven people. Our videos have evolved over the last eight years from a guy with a camera in an orchard to a team in an orchard with a lot of advanced equipment. But our purpose is still the same – to share the stories of California agriculture as authentically as possible, straight from the source.

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