It can seem tough enough to keep every dang link, password, and Zoom meeting number straight. But once you’ve cleared all those hurdles and you’re finally in the meeting, how do you present yourself favorably? Here are a few things I’ve noticed. 

Lighting. Face the window to catch the light on your face. Plain and simple, you’ll look better! 

Backdrop. Think of what the your fellow meeting attendees are viewing behind you. Are you giving them a sneak peek at your messy living room or a tidy, inviting background with a sweet house plant?

Multitasking. It’s super obvious when somebody is scrolling and not tuned in. Stay present.

Body language. Zoom amplifies our movements because we’re so close to the camera. When you lean into the conversation and smile, you signal that you’re listening. 

Camera Height. Stack a few books under your computer (cookbooks are our #WFH go-to) so that you are eyelevel with the camera and not hunched over.  

Appearance. I now take things into consideration that I never did before, such as which color top looks best on screen (note: not black, not stripes, and not loud patterns). If you wear makeup, pick what makes you look most polished. Hint: bronzer is a must. 

Zoom and other types of videoconferencing are going to be with us long after the pandemic is over. Nail your game now and you’ll have an edge.  

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