Writing a blog post can be like writing a letter. Or, it can be like publishing a mini-white paper. Either way, the formula is consistent across all tones and topics: you’re going to need an attention-grabbing subject line, a great opening paragraph, a substantial second paragraph, a few links for outside credibility, a photo or video that makes sense, and a succinct and interesting closing paragraph. 

If it’s so simple, why don’t more people write blogs? Why do they hire our agency to ghostwrite their content? Because they have businesses to run. Writing a blog gets a lot trickier when you’ve got a phone ringing off the hook, an employee knocking on the door, and emails blowing up your inbox – all at the same time.

Blogging requires strategy, dedication, forethought, and most importantly, time (and maybe some noise-cancelling headphones). If you do want to give it a shot but you aren’t sure about committing to a blog, start by forming your thoughts with longer Facebook posts. Consider it a “microblog” or test blog. After you’ve tried a few of these posts, you’ll see if there’s a return on investment for your time and energy

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