By Ali Cox

In the age of self-promotion, self-publishing, and self-everything, it’s rare to announce a new endeavor through the press. Over the course of my career, though, there have been a few special times when I’ve had the privilege of doing so.

I believe in journalism and public relations. I have a traditional PR background. In my younger days, I worked for the agencies Ketchum and Emanate and was part of the $21.5 million Series A announcement for the now-defunct Aereo TV.

But those experiences were 10 years ago — a lifetime when it comes to PR. Journalism has changed in that time, and PR has evolved tremendously, too. My employees might think I’m rambling about the good ol’ days here, but I’m not. I’m a marketer, and I love telling stories through many mediums.

One of those stories is that of First & Main. It’s a new restaurant in downtown Turlock, and it’s been a wonderful brand development project for AC&C. Our detailed project management has included social media content, a logo, a menu, signage design, and — of course — PR. In this case, we went the traditional route in addition to announcing the new restaurant via social media.

This project has reminded me of how much excellent journalism matters. I worked with Marijke Rowland from the Modesto Bee directly, as well as with reporters from the Turlock Journal. There is a time and place for professional journalism and PR practitioners to work hand in hand, and this restaurant is a stellar example of how the relationship can unfold beneficially. It’s been a pleasure to work with these news outlets and to serve as collaborators.

Of course, we’ll continue our work with First & Main on social media. That’s what savvy marketers do these days. But we’re grateful for the boost that traditional media has given this deserving restaurant, which promises to be a bedrock of downtown Turlock for years to come.

Learn more about First & Main through the Modesto Bee article and Turlock Journal article. Follow First & Main on Instagram @firstandmainturlock.

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