What is post-worthy and what is story-worthy? If this question is gibberish to you, then it’s definitely time for an Instagram 101 class … or just ask your kids or grandkids. Because the reality is, Instagram is the new marketing.

First off, remember that Instagram for branding your business and Instagram for sharing your personal life are totally different. Posts on your brand’s Instagram feed should fulfill a purpose or help you reach a goal, so be strategic. Sure, some can be spontaneous as inspiration strikes or situations change, but overall, they should follow a plan.

Before you post anything on your brand’s feed (or anywhere else, for that matter), ask yourself, “Am I OK with this living here forever?” Your Instagram feed will become your business’s identity, and your posts will always be there when anybody is doing their due diligence. So please make it well thought out, with a great photo and compelling (usually short) caption.

A story, on the other hand, is only live for 24 hours unless you decide to save it as a highlight. This is typically a more fun, off-the-cuff way to connect with your audience. Many brands post behind-the-scenes shots of the company, quick updates, product sneak peeks, and even a little silliness. Videos can be unscripted and/or unpolished for a dose of authenticity.

Bottom line? When posting for business, don’t just dash something off whenever the mood strikes or you can fit it into your schedule. Develop a social strategy and stick to it … unless the company #WFH dog does something cute. In that case, drop everything and post.

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