Surveys are an often overlooked piece of the puzzle when creating a marketing plan for small or youngish brands. Here’s the thing: If you want to make educated decisions, you’re going to need some data. A well-structured survey helps you understand your audience, their preferences, and their behaviors quickly and easily. If we’re being honest, they’re also a great way for us marketers to quantify and substantiate our hunches.
And guess what? If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional pollster or a consumer-insights expert to develop and execute your research, then you’ll need to explore creating surveys on your own. Using a technology called SurveyMonkey and basic distribution tactics you can quickly become educated and armed with decent data points. 
Important to note that proper consumer insights research involves a much more scientific approach with protocol set in place to eliminate biases and identify opportunities. Insights research is a critical foundation in marketing strategy and not to be brushed off.

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