Minturn Nut Company


Minturn Nut Company


Logo Redesign, Brand Positioning and Messaging, Website Redesign, Sales Collateral, Video/Photo Production

The Challenge

Minturn Nut Company is one of California’s largest independent almond processors. They began as nine growers looking for a better way to conduct business and have long been recognized for their commitment to their growers. Minturn partnered with the AC&C team to elevate and update their already well-respected brand and drive awareness. To realize these objectives, we refreshed brand positioning while staying true to their core identity.

Minturn Campaign Creative
Minturn Logo

The Outcome

As we moved into developing assets featuring Minturn’s own team, growers and facility, it was crucial to visually bridge the gap between their corporate size & reach and their down-to-earth customer experience. The clients’ website structure took shape around the brand’s key messages of starting with growers, welcoming change and providing consistent returns. Two brand videos, one a reflection on the Minturn Story and one a look at quality, complement each other and the larger brand narrative of “an enduring commitment to quality.” One tells the brand story, demonstrating why growers should choose Minturn as their trusted processor, and the other speaks to Minturn’s high standards so that buyers can be confident Minturn almonds are top quality.

Minturn’s digital touchpoints now speak to the unique “big business that feels boutique and specialized” position they hold in the nut processor category. When new users get to know Minturn they are receiving an honest representation of Minturn and their values and, better still, Minturn is reaching people for whom they will be the right fit.

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