As an agency, we are committed to participating in the Black Lives Matter (#BLM) movement and conversation from an authentic place. As a smallish agency, we are truly the sum of its parts, and for that reason Ali has prompted members of the team to provide a personal note about their #BLM commitment.

Members of our team made personal contributions to the NAACP, totaling $420. Additionally, AC&C provided a 200% corporate match and we are proud to donate $840 today, Juneteenth, to the NAACP. Juneteenth is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States.

Personal Statements by Team-Members:

I remember the first wave of the Black Lives Matter movement four years ago. I was one of the people that thought, much like some others (Arianna Grande included), “Don’t all lives matter?” It took someone in my personal life at the time to have a convo and voice his stance on the matter, that helped me realize that I was way off base with my own thought process. When a group of people are noticeably profiled, persecuted, and looked over in our society, when we say “Black Lives Matter,” we’re  saying that you matter, we see you, and we see that certain mindsets, systems, and actions (whether blatant or subconsciously) need to change. And honestly, now that we see you, how can we help?

That’s why I’m donating to the NAACP, signing the petition, trying to stay informed, and engaging in healthy dialogue with those in my life. They’re small steps, but a place to start.


I commit to: representing the diverse, multi-dimensional America that we are through the brands, products, and teams I build.

I will: commit to a growth mindset. One that believes there’s always more to learn, and it’s devoted to the lifelong cycle of reflection, learning, action and growth.


As the sharp and stellar anti-racism educator, Monique Melton, says “It’s one thing to listen, it’s another thing to learn, but it’s a whole other thing to take action.”

I have benefited from listening and learning, but now it’s time to act and I will.

Not just in this moment, but for always, I will remember to amplify melanated voices since they’ve been silenced for far too long.

I will treat others the way they want to be treated, per the platinum rule, especially as I follow the lead of the black community in how to provide true help instead of a hindrance.

I will make mistakes. I will own them. I will be grateful for the growth.

As a white woman, I will keep myself and other white people accountable even and especially when it means my own discomfort.

I will do all of this because my friends, family, coworkers, clients, and community deserve better. As long as I am inactive, I am complicit in continued racism, hatred, and violence. I repair nothing.

Every human deserves to feel safe and live their life fully. I want to be clear that all black lives matter, are precious, and are irreplaceable. Unequivocally. Absolutely.


I have a bit of an intense perspective and it’s been something that I’ve found to be profoundly intense and stimulating. Grappling with race, gender, stereotypes, policies, influence, right, wrong is not something I take lightly. I’m the daughter of an immigrant and a woman of color. And despite all the barriers and challenges that has created for me, try as I might, I will still not be able to understand what the black community has had to endure for hundreds of years. At worst, many of us have actively participated in the marginalization of blacks. At best, we’ve been complicit. 

So, for me, this can’t be about just a donation or a statement of solidarity, this is going to take grueling work. And I’m here to fight. To have hard conversations. To use my privilege for good, in the form of financial, emotional and physical support. To VOTE in favor of people and initiatives that better black lives. To be vehemently opposed to those against progress. To be passionately emboldened and never give up until we have justice and equality. 


My personal commitment is to continually educate myself on cultures different of my own, and in this specific moment the black community. I now recognize that it’s easy for me to have blinders to what doesn’t seem to affect me directly; but, through BLM I have been made aware of the need for me to acknowledge events happening in the world and that I must strive to be a part of the change that needs to happen, rather than a bystander just cheering others on. 

I commit to not brushing BLM under the rug as a momentary movement but rather a call to action that will affect how I think about, react to, speak of, and treat the black community. 

Action, education, and discussion are essential right now. We’re witnessing a battle for human rights and choosing to remain silent is opting into complacency. Whether you are aware of it or not, we all have a platform thanks to technology. You can use it to spread the word about donating, protesting, educating, sharing resources, all of these things and more. Don’t be afraid to say something, to do something.”


My commitment to the #BLM movement is to amplify the voices of the Black community by reading, watching, and listening to them and their pieces of work. As a non-Black person of color, I will strive to educate myself, my friends, and family.


I commit to educating myself and my children how to be anti-racist. I want to be more than a non-racist, I want to be an anti-racist, even if that is uncomfortable in a professional or personal setting.  

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