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Planet Rice


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The Challenge

Planet Rice is a vertically-integrated, premium rice brand that mills, sprouts, and packages every kernel of rice themselves. Their process positively impacts climate through soil care, water use and carbon reduction, while also supporting nutrition and sustainability efforts for their consumers. AC&C was tasked with increasing brand affinity and driving trial in line with the brand’s launch in Northern California stores.

Planet Rice Creative Concept
Planet Rice IG Stories

The Solution

After completing quantitative consumer research, we defined the target audience user profile as precisely as possible from a variety of angles including demographics, affinities, behavior and product availability. Our messaging framework and creative assets cultivated a campaign platform for Planet Rice that would uniquely communicate core benefits and resonate with our target audience. We implemented this impactful new messaging and design via a website build, in-store assets, sales collateral, organic social media posts and blog development. Paid media strategy focused on geo-targeting locations where Planet Rice products would soon be available. By honing in on key target audiences, the campaign effectiveness was maximized against a finite group most likely to trial, repeat and advocate for Planet Rice.

Planet Rice Products

The Outcome

The campaign resulted in nearly 2MM hyper-targeted impressions in its first month in market. These impressions were delivered in a variety of environments including audience targeted programmatic display, hyper-local geofenced mobile, Google search, Facebook & Instagram as well as on premium receipe sites as the audience was engaged with relevant recipes. 

Additionally, with the new site launch, Planet Rice campaign traffic had a designated landing page for the first time since its inception, creating a seamless user experience where previously sharing space with sister brands. In the first month live, the site saw a 3.5k% increase in site traffic. The campaign also cultivated strong engagement with social communities with a 53.0k% increase in Facebook page reach and 7.6k% Instagram page reach year-over-year.

Planet Rice Banner Ad

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