Marketing During Tough CoronaVirus Times: Tips from CEO, Ali Cox

While we’re dealing with what the World Health Organization classifies as a pandemic due to the Coronavirus, it is more important now than ever to make sure your marketing messaging and communication is buttoned up. 

Our team has been working with our clients and colleagues to navigate marketing messaging during these precarious times. Top priorities when dealing with timing-sensitive issues, such as COVID-19 messaging, is tone and initiative. 

Here are five marketing tips to consider immediately:

  • Audit outgoing social media posts to ensure they are tonally sensitive
  • Send a memo instructing your outbound facing employees (sales team and grower representatives) how to message the crisis to your clients and stakeholders
  • Update your website with culturally sensitive messaging 
  • Draft an outbound client-facing letter or e-blast to share your company’s position on the crisis 
  • Share your company’s “coronavirus” position internally with all employees, to avoid confusion

Clients, please contact your client services team-member for assistance or feel free to contact me directly. Friends in the community, as a marketing agency our ability to help navigate tricky marketing and communication challenges is our super power – please lean on us for help during this hairy time in history.