Whoever said that in order to foster a strong relationship with your audience your brand must never change, didn’t understand the advantages of brand evolvement.

There are numerous reasons as to why revamping a brand is beneficial. For starters, colors, and fonts that were once upon a time popular go out of style and eventually look outdated. This is unappealing to the audience and makes the company look out of touch.

Following that point, change is good, we believe that a brand must always reflect your company values and products or services you offer. It’s your lens and perspective in the world.

An example of a company that knocked it out of the park with their rebrand is Tender Greens. As a restaurant whose brand identity is heavily associated with sustainability and homegrown cuisine, their original logo did convey that their food was organic and healthy but it wasn’t an accurate representation of their menu that went further than just salads. (Not to mention that artificial lettuce illustration and non-organic handwritten font.)

Old Tender Greens Logo

Pentagram, the agency responsible for their new logo explains how the “g” design is expressed, “The treatment of the ‘g’ helps shift the focus away from the name as a whole and puts the emphasis on the food, where it should be.” Their new logo now incorporates a modern, bold font with the “g” evoking a pan and plate, implying how their food is prepared.

Their logo not only reflects their company standards for locally sourced dishes but also incorporates their brand name in a clever way.

Tip: If you’re too intimidated to take the leap for a complete brand refresh, then start off with launching a campaign to test your limits. By doing something different with a temporary campaign, you can play with designs and find what works for you and your brand along the way.

Tender Green’s logo demonstrates that it’s okay to be playful with your brand. In fact, you have no choice but to think outside the box when consumers are floundered with advertisements left and right. Embrace change and keep pushing your brand forward!

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