This week will be coming to an early end for our team; why is that you’re wondering? We’ve decided all of us will collectively be taking today off to reset, recharge, and relax! One of the hardest things to do nowadays is nothing. And by nothing, we mean actively choosing to unplug ourselves from our laptops and disconnect entirely from our work so we can fully take the time to recharge. While working from home has been an incredible blessing for a plethora of reasons, we’ve slowly realized that it is easy to stay in work-mode 24/7. How could we not when our workspace is inches away from us?

“We love what we do,” but as Ali, our CEO, has noted, “The purpose of the #RechargeDay is to acknowledge that the last ten weeks of Quarantine have been taxing on our minds and souls. I want to offer this company-wide day off as a way to encourage our team to do something enriching for their souls, to rest, and to truly recharge.” 

We have thoroughly enjoyed working from home, but as with any transition, we have had our fair share of learning what works for our team and what doesn’t. Like with everything we do here at AC&C, we took the challenge and were even able to expand our team while working remotely! We are passionate about working in a fast-paced environment and providing quality work for all of our clients. We hope that taking this day off will allow us to come back to work Monday morning with a new spark of motivation so we can continue to provide stellar work for our clients.

“Take a break from the stresses of life and use that time to rediscover the important things that matter to you most. We all deserve an anti-stress day to recharge our batteries.”

 ― Dee Waldeck

Everyone deserves an anti-stress day! How are we choosing to recharge? A few of us are planning to go to the beach, and a few others are excited to catch some fresh air up in the mountains. Luckily, we live right in the heart of California where we are less than 90 miles away from both!

So, to our lovely clients, we will be back bright and early Monday morning!

Ps. Happy Birthday to our CEO, Ali Cox!

With love,

AC&C team

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