Thanks to my friend Jason Falk at TANK Industries, my first real baby — Ali Cox & Company — was born in 2007. I had just left my post at IMG as the director of sponsorship services and was on my own in New York City. 

Sure, I knew a ton of people and felt confident enough in my marketing skills, but being on my own didn’t get real until my automatic direct deposit and health benefits were cut off. A self-employed veteran, Jason took me under his wing, designed my logo, help me hone my story, printed my business cards and scooted me back to my studio apartment on his Vespa.

Those early days were exhilarating and petrifying in the same breath. I had freedom! With that came risk — and I gamed up, over and over again. In those early days, the “& Company” portion of my company name referred to the friendly army of freelancers who were my partners and collaborators. We would team up depending on client needs, refer each other’s work, and support each other.

Fast-forward about six years to 2013. I relocated to my hometown of Turlock, California to focus on agriculture marketing (my true passion and now lifelong mission). The “& Company” quickly became about more than freelance partners — it now referred to full-time team-members on the payroll. All of a sudden, we were a full on agency!

Now, after three offices, a revolving door of interns, the addition of several key team members, and a few tremendously smart hires, we’ve outgrown our name. The agency is not just about Ali Cox anymore. It’s about a team of highly motivated, creative, disciplined, collaborative, and driven people who are making a name for themselves on their own with our clients. I just happen to be at the helm.

Do I still approve all of our strategy and see each item before it goes to print or is blasted? Of course, but all of the ideas are not mine, and all of the credit shouldn’t be mine. So we’re becoming AC&C Marketing. We’ve got a fresh new logo, a fresh new mindset, and a fresh new agency persona. AND … a new website with this very blog post — our first one!

We’ll continue to focus on delivering perfect work each and every day. And we’ll continue to hold ourselves accountable for two reasons: our pride and our clients’ trust. No one person at our agency will ever be perfect, but as a team we can deliver perfect work. And we do.

I’m more confident than ever in the future. Please help me in welcoming AC&C Marketing to 2019.

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