If you’re an avid Amazon shopper (or even an occasional one), you’ve probably noticed a few things about the online experience that can make or break a potential purchase.

Let’s say you want to buy a case of almond milk. Are you going to buy from the storefront that has a dark, out-of-focus picture and makes you wonder if your purchase fell off the back of a truck? Or will you choose the clear, bright descriptor photos that makes you feel like you’re about to make a healthy purchase?

How about the descriptor paragraph? Does it speak to your needs as a consumer or does it leave you asking more questions? My guess is that, despite price, you’re going to go with the more reliable-looking storefront.

We’ve been working closely with food brands to put their best foot forward on Amazon. For any consumer brand, Amazon is a distribution and shopping channel that simply can’t be overlooked.

Of course, a great storefront is just the start. Once you search for almond milk on Amazon, you’re likely to see other suggestions that are tailored just for you — perhaps a different brand, or maybe oat milk, or some other healthy beverage that you might be inclined to purchase. That’s Amazon advertising, and it’s very *now* in marketing.

Amazon has changed the game forever. I’m proud of our team for staying on top of trends and helping our food brand customers sell in the ever-evolving Amazon landscape.

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