Nine long weeks ago, when the shelter-in-place order went into effect here in Stanislaus County, California, I decided to write five posts a week to keep our clients — and myself — focused on positivity and hope. Additionally, I felt it was my opportunity to provide free marketing tips during this trying time.
Forty-three emails later, the order has been lifted in our headquarter town of Turlock, the heart of the most fertile ground in the world. What I’ve discovered during this time is that our corner of the world is more than a place where crops grow — it’s where ideas grow, too.
Writing these posts has been one of the most gratifying and fulfilling (read: cathartic) experiences of my career. Connecting (and reconnecting) with friends and global food and ag brands has been rewarding. The feedback I’ve received has inspired me and filled my heart.
This worldwide pause gave us all an opportunity. We could shrink while isolating ourselves or look for new ways to grow and come out of this better than ever. You have helped me do the latter, and I hope that, in some small way, I did the same for you.
Thank you to the AC&C team for coordinating, editing, scheduling, designing, and managing these posts for our e-newsletter, blog, and social media posts. 
Please be safe and keep in touch.  We have nowhere to go but up! XX 

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