Writing a social media post for your business is different than writing a social media post for your personal account.

Repeat: Different.

So often, people apply for a job at the agency and I’ll ask to see examples of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds they have managed for a nonprofit or business. Welp, the truth is — that’s typically the last question we ask.

Polished social media from a business or brand requires thought, creativity, and consistency above all else. You’ll need to develop a cadence that feels manageable to your team and also provides value for your followers.

Many people who have hundreds (or thousands) of followers on their personal channels have no idea how to manage content for a professional organization. If this is you, or one of your employees who wants to transition into a marketing role for you, I have some advice: Offer to manage social media for your favorite non-profit, church, or charity. They likely need the help, and it’s also an opportunity to practice drafting editorial calendars, developing graphics, photography, engagement, and management. You’ll also gain critical skills regarding hashtags, stories, and reposting.

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