Sun Valley Rice


Sun Valley Rice


Brand Positioning and Messaging, Website Redesign, Video/Photo Production, Sales Asset Development, Social Media, Paid Media, Trade Publication Strategy and Content Development

The Challenge

Owned by LaGrande Family Foods in Arbuckle, CA, Sun Valley Rice is one of the largest family-owned growers, millers and shippers of medium and short-grain rice. The client wanted to build on their strong grower marketing and unify their diverse portfolio of house brands while creating a long-term strategy to increase market share with B2B customers and direct-to-consumer products.

Sun Valley Rice Campaign Creative

The Outcome

AC&C developed an expansive brand ecosystem to position Sun Valley Rice as legacy leaders in technology, innovation and sustainability through compelling storytelling and creative development. This ecosystem includes a high quality, story-driven brand video series, social media (strategy, management and optimization), customer-focused sales collateral and newsletter development and a refined web experience.

Sun Valley Rice now has an elevated brand platform with comprehensive brand hierarchy and long-term market strategy. They have seen a 31% increase in social media followers and 33% average newsletter open rate.

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