How Our Senior PM Abbey Stith Keeps It All in Scope

When client work is clipping along well and our team is feeling busy but not burdened, AC&C founder and CEO Ali Cox will tell you that project management is responsible. Project managers might seem the quiet ones in the meeting, but only because they are closely mapping out timelines in a separate browser window. Scrolling […]

10 Lessons in Leadership from an Olympic Medalist 

Every four (or in this case, five) years, my past as an Olympian comes roaring back — and I’m always thrilled! I competed on the U.S. Women’s 8+ boat in rowing at the 2004 Athens Games, earning a silver medal and breaking a 20-year-long winless streak in the boat class. (Fun fact: The Women’s 8+ […]

AC&C Creative Director, Matthew Grier

We owe so much of the power in our campaigns and tactics to our creative team. Strategy comes to life through the gaze of a sharp artistic eye, and ours belongs to a talented team of writers and designers led by our creative director, Matthew Grier. Our food and agriculture client work has to appetize […]

A Year After Shelter in Place

It’s Been a Year. Transformation Was Hard, But Worth It. What Have I Learned… In December 2019, I knew that 2020 would be a big year for AC&C. I was already quietly, and in some ways unknowingly, planning for the transformative future ahead. I published my goals for the first time and put my daunting […]

My Take on National Ag Day

After earning an Olympic medal in the summer of 2004 and working for the world’s largest sports and entertainment agency in New York City, it was agriculture marketing that brought me back to Northern California in 2013. When the opportunity to improve the food ecosystem for all parties – farmers, laborers, producers, consumers and countless […]

Go Frictionless

Frictionless Marketing

A frictionless user path makes for a fluid customer experience that lessens consumer frustration and dissatisfaction. Much of the time, we likely don’t even realize that the experience is considered frictionless because it feels so seamless. In fact, Wendy Wood, a professor of Psychology and Business at USC, found that 43% of our daily actions […]

Churning Out Modern Day Milk Production

Holstein Cows

January 11th is the celebration of National Milk Day! This day originated in 1878 and commemorates the first deliveries of glass bottled milk in the United States. What a great achievement for the dairy industry and reflection of how far dairy has come.  While the unmatched nutrition and satisfaction of a glass of milk has […]

2020, A Year of Transformation and Growth for AC&C

AC&C Marketing

At the risk of sounding like a broken record – wow, what a year it’s been! 2020 has brought a number of potential barriers for us and our clients alike. Creative industries have been forced to rethink how they operate (ours included) and many of our agriculture and food clients are navigating increased consumer demand […]

AC&C Wins Golden ARC Award

Winner, Winner!  We are so proud to announce that we are the winner of the Agricultural Relations Council “Golden ARC Award” for our efforts on the ABC’s Harvest Dust Videos Series! Specifically, we were awarded the “Video Programs” award in the “TACTIC” division. With intentions of supporting our industry and desire to continue to be […]