We’ve all heard the joke: This meeting could’ve been an email! But what happens when 30 “meetings” become emails? You get the dreaded Inbox Overload, and it’s just as toxic as unnecessary gatherings. That’s why I love Slack, the multi-tasking messaging tool that allows teams to communicate quickly and eliminates email overload.

At AC&C we use Slack for almost all of our internal communication, especially now. Here are the Slack features that help us stay organized (and sane).

Channels: Channels create hubs for conversations about specific topics. We use a channel for each client and even have fun stuff like an #exercise. Want to send a message to your whole team? Create an #all-team channel.  

Individual Conversations: If you need to chat with one person, send a message and receive a response in seconds.

Reactions: Often, emails are sent as updates that don’t require responses, but the sender would like to know that they have been read. With Slack you can react to the message with an emoticon to let the sender know you’ve read it. “Meeting moved to 3 p.m.” needs only a 👍, not an entire email thread. And of course, there’s always the ‘ole wine glass emoticon that I overuse…

Slack has cut down on wasted meetings and inbox insanity. Some really snazzy people even use Slack for video and phone calls. Now, when a notification goes off, I know it’s from Slack — and it’s worth my time.

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