Relationships matter. Just like your personal relationships, client relationships are based on trust that is carefully nurtured over time.

I’m fortunate to have clients who have been with me (now us!) since I relocated back to Turlock seven years ago. Many of my clients are now genuine friends — I care about them personally, I want to see them succeed in their careers, and I cherish my time with them.

It’s very much like a personal relationship, but with a key difference: Thriving client relationships are built on a foundation of excellent service. Without good service or great chemistry, a contract renewal isn’t in the cards and the relationship fades away (or, in the worst-case scenario, blows up).

Here’s how I make sure AC&C and our clients are on good footing.We develop a scope of work and a contract written with the success of all parties in mind (remember that post about fair contracts from a few days back?). I design our client service team with chemistry in mind. Who from our team will work best with this client?We service the person first and the business second. Our client is our contact, with the company coming in a close second. Why do we take this approach? Because we won’t even make it through the door without a champion on the inside.We manage and set our expectations clearly so success is achievable and quantifiable.Finally, we just care! There is no replacement for this. To be successful in any relationship, you have to care. We’re invested in the happiness of our clients, and we’ll always double down.

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