As our world becomes more technologically advanced, advertising becomes more & more prevalent in our everyday lives. From a business perspective, understanding how to optimize the maximum bang for your business’s buck is essential for creating eye-catching advertising that converts and doesn’t fall prey to the thumb scroll.

Here are 3 steps to take when crafting a campaign that’s tailored to millennials:

Step 1: Be Authentic!

Think about how you navigate Facebook or Instagram. You scroll through your feed that’s filled with pictures and status updates from family and friends. If you saw an obvious advertisement come across your screen, you’d probably just keep exercising your thumb, but the best ads camouflage themselves authentically into your feed.

In order for a company to stop your thumb, their ad must not scream “I’m an ad!!”. It has to be creative enough to blend in with the newsfeed for someone to be captivated and grab their attention. It should look like something they normally see in their feed.

Step 2: Accessibility Do’s & Don’ts

Once you’ve earned the attention of the user, the ad has to be easily accessible for the user to remain interested.



Step 3: Sell a Feeling, Not a Product

Remember that emotions drive our behavior and users associate how you make them feel with your brand, just like they do in their everyday lives with strangers. You’re more likely to ignite them to take action with an ad when appealing to the emotional part of their brain. For example, read the captions below and take note on how they make you feel.

Salesy Example:

New smoothie flavor is here, but only for a limited time. Come buy it!

Emotional Example:

Sip on this new smoothie flavor after soaking in the sun. You deserve it.

See? No one is convinced to buy something from a tin man, but they may be a little bit more inclined if you’re able to make them feel like they should buy it.

Follow these steps the next time you’re brainstorming an attention-grabbing ad and you’ll be on your way to creating a cult, rather than just a customer.

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