Yesterday I wrote about trailblazing. Since we’ve all decided to trailblaze and make history, I’m sure we can agree that a bit of strategy needs to come into play, right? 
Steadfast leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketers create opportunity. Opportunity typically comes from an “a-ha!” awakening moment that is brought to life by outlining strategy that informs messaging. This is how you develop the “why” behind your message and purpose. Once your “why” is clear as day, you move into the “how.” This order is really important, but all too often gets muddled and off strategy.  
To get to your “why,” spend time understanding, auditing, and listening to your customers so you can craft the message and share it where your customer already is. This is where you’ll learn their “why” so that you can figure out your best path to “how.” Read their online reviews. Discover where they abandon the online experience. Monitor and engage with customers on social media. Set a Google News alert to see if your brand is mentioned in a blog or a news outlet. 
The “how” may range from social media posts to digital advertising to direct-mail postcards to the ever-handy email (note: thanks for reading this email!). These days, marketing communication channels are more saturated than ever, so understanding how to communicate perfectly to your target audience is crucial. As the economy continues to rollercoaster, communication will make or break many brands and companies.

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