We’re looking to get the word out to our clients about an ag tech summit, “Adapt or Die, Sowing the Seeds of an Innovative Ag Tech Ecosystem” conference, which is taking place February 7th at the MJC Ag Pavilion. 

At first glance, you might be thinking: “Why would I want to go to such a tech-y event?” we assure you that the content will be excellent for growers, ag service industry experts and people who are just genuinely curious about the future of ag.  

You don’t need to drive to San Francisco or Silicon Valley to learn more about how tech will affect the way we farm — the Summit will be bringing it all to Modesto! We’re always thrilled to be involved in events like these because we’re 100 percent focused on innovating from the field to the internet. Using tech to tell the untold stories of ag is one of our key goals; it’s the most direct way to connect consumers to the real people behind the products. 

During lunch, AC&C Founder Ali Cox will speak about the importance of content marketing in agriculture, and why millennials in ag are actually the least lazy generation when it comes to business decisions. 

Ready to secure your seat? Click here and use our special discount code to get the friends and family rate! Use code ALICOX when you check out to save 10 percent on tickets. 

Reps, grab your growers. Growers, grab a friend. And clients, call your AC&C account manager — your ticket is on us!

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