Ducks in a row.  House in order. Organized marketing department.

Call it whatever you like. One of my greatest takeaways from this whole ordeal is that we’ve been able to see in real time which brands, utility companies, churches, non-profits, and community organizations can handle urgent marketing and PR needs.

Those that had their acts together before the crisis are now simply pivoting their pre-scheduled messaging. Those marketers are certainly still hustling, but that’s no big change of pace — a marketer’s professional life is a constant cycle of hurry up and wait.

This is in stark comparison to the organizations that are struggling to get their points across. They don’t have pre-entered marketing email lists, they don’t have a social media following, they can’t easily access their websites, they don’t have mailing lists sorted, they don’t have their passwords organized.

So, instead of pivoting their messaging, they are hustling to put something (anything!) out. These brands are paralyzed and can’t take a step forward.

I’m proud of our clients who understood the value of marketing and hired AC&C when times were good. These brands have already invested in an organized marketing department, either by outsourcing their marketing department to AC&C or developing one internally. We’ve been able to pump out and implement emails, messaging, and strategy.

For those of you who have already built a solid foundation, pat yourself on the back. For those of you who haven’t, reach out and I’ll give you a pep talk immediately!

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