There are a lot of reasons to do A/B testing, but first let’s define what it is (in my words, of course). A/B testing is used to try out two different versions of an advertisement, changing only one factor between the two. This type of testing helps you pinpoint the defining quality that makes an ad produce the benefits you’re going for. This is a strategy that advertisers have been using for eons and with digital marketing placements, and it’s now easier than ever. We utilize this practice all of the time with our clients, particularly when deciphering how to spend their advertising dollars strategically. Every dollar matters, and through A/B testing we can help our clients make more informed judgement calls.

Before running an A/B test, get clear on exactly what you’re looking to learn. Do you want to know the difference in click-through rates? Purchases? Requests for more information? Something else?

Next, decide which variable you want to test. Here are a few common ones:Does a certain photo work better than another?Do more people open an email with this kind of subject line, or that kind?Does this campaign tagline resonate more than that one?Do more people click on this button, or that one?Which CTA is more effective?Does our font choice affect results?Which of these color palettes appeals more to our audience?Once you’ve placed the ad, it’s time to keep close tabs on measurement. Measurement is the practice of finding out how and why something performs better, learning from it, and then running the more successful version. Once you’ve completed an A/B test, you can then move forward with the ad that worked best — the “A” or the “B.” Even better, you can apply your learnings to future campaigns, allowing you to create ads your audience loves more quickly than ever before. That equals more A/Bang for your buck (see what I did there?)!

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