When it comes to technology and navigating the digital space strategically, things change at a moment’s notice. If you don’t adapt, you don’t survive. OK, that’s pretty dramatic — but the reality is that internet trends shift on the daily. Having a set of best practices and tools under your belt will keep you prepared and versatile when it comes to both immediate and long-term decisions. 

Before I start preaching from the AC&C Digital Marketing Playbook, take a moment to think about how your business can start to shift its efforts to adopt a stronger digital presence.

*cracks knuckles*

OK, let’s go.

Mix & Match
The average American sees anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. To keep ourselves from being completely saturated with info, we start to filter — an IRL filter, not an Instagram one. We filter out the advertisements that seem irrelevant to us and only notice the ones that pique our interest. If we see an ad from a brand that has already resonated with us, we’ll probably pay attention to it regardless of the messaging. But today we’re talking about how your brand can break through the clutter and appeal to an audience that may or may not know your brand.

Think about the brands you always notice. What stands out the most? A tagline? A graphic? Colors? A combination of elements? And even more importantly, do you know what your audience notices?

Although traditional forms of advertising can still be relevant (depending on your goals), digital advertising has a leg up in that you can easily mix and match your creative and content. You’ll see in real-time what resonates with your audience the most.

Platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram allow for A/B testing. This feedback is important for understanding what is working when it comes to your brand’s messaging.

Location, Location, Location
Another benefit of advertising digitally is the ease of reaching your target consumer on their favorite device. You can then position your ads wherever in the digital stratosphere they are trekking.

There are a multitude of digital platforms that offer ad space, but the ones mentioned here are your solid go-tos.

Is This Thing Working?
Google Analytics is a free measurement tool that can help you gain some insight into your website traffic. Link it up to Google Ads, and you’ve got some pretty in-depth numbers on how customers are accomplishing the goals you’ve identified and set up. You’ll be able to see how your customers are getting to your site, how they travel through your site, and where they may be dropping out of pipeline on their way to purchase your product.

Facebook Business Manager is another strong tool. It compiles both your advertising data and the metrics on how your organic posts are performing. This will give you a better idea of how post messaging is comparing to advertising messaging, as well as which of your advertisements are resonating on Facebook and Instagram.

Gathering data on how your audience interacts with your advertisements will give you a better idea of what is and isn’t working. The best part is that you can begin to adjust immediately! It’s easy to stop what doesn’t resonate and continue with what does.

Go Organic!
Eighty-four percent of people expect brands to create their own content. We are living in a world where it’s pretty weird if a restaurant doesn’t have an Instagram presence or a brand isn’t on Twitter — it makes you second guess them. You wonder, are they even real? Organic posting that supports your current campaign or advertising goal will open your business to your online followers.

For example, let’s say you are running a hiring campaign for your business. You run job postings online and put advertising dollars behind them. In addition to the ads, coordinate with your current employees to take over your Instagram feed and talk about why they enjoy being a part of the company. Job seekers will love that kind of authenticity and transparency.

Having these foundations set in your digital advertising plan will help keep you in-tune with your digital advertising performance while making your business fluid when needing to navigate this space through last minute adjustments and changes to meet the needs of your audience.

Digital Marketing Packages
At AC&C Marketing, we speak digital. We can help your brand and business come out on top with effective digital advertising. If some of the points I’ve talked about resonate with you, we’d love to chat. Take a look at some of our digital marketing packages and see how we could benefit you.

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