I get this question all the time from clients who want to market to growers. Instead of zooming out and trying to make growers fit into some big-picture idea of where the industry is going next, I take the opposite approach.
After seven years devoting my career to grower marketing (and as a fifth-generation farmer myself), I’ve learned that growers are at the heart of each and every ag story. You have to discover the “why” of what they do to properly market to them.
Building a business as a grower is tough anywhere, but it’s especially difficult in a competitive, highly regulated market like California — and that makes the answer to the “why” question especially poignant and profound. At AC&C, we take the time to get inside growers’ heads. We don’t just look at which industry publications they read, although that’s helpful. We think about what they’re looking to learn and what they’re hoping to build.
Until marketers and brands stop trying to capture growers’ attention with pushy messaging and tone-deaf ads, they’ll forever be focused on the “what” of selling to growers instead of the “why.”

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