Do you know your favorite font? Do you know why it’s your favorite? Are you a Times New Roman-type of guy or gal just because that’s the default for Microsoft Word? If so, this post won’t be all that interesting to you, I’m afraid. Or maybe you’re secretly looking to break free!

Fonts say a lot about you or your brand. Are you playful? Are you serious? Are you curious or whimsical? Go with a serif font, and you’re in the safe zone. It’s sort of playful-looking, but it’s still easy to read. Head into scripty territory and (gasp!) the words might be challenging to read quickly because of tight, compact letters and fanciful embellishments. Script fonts are for artsy types who care about font choice (another gasp!) because they want the words to look like art – flowery, swirly, and interesting. To them, it’s not about fast-paced reading, it’s about the look. Then, there’s the sans serif fonts that are the exact opposites of its Scripty cousin and Serif sister. Clean, modern, and minimal, they appeal to those who keep their communication clear and concise. No extraneous words or embellishments, please.

I’m a middle-of-the-road gal for sure. While I love to look at a beautiful and intricate font, I’m a marketer at heart and nothing is more aggravating than inefficient communication. So for that reason, you won’t find me in the tightly woven, scripty cursive area. I’ll usually be hanging out in the serif safe zone … but appreciating all the scripty swirls from afar.

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