One of the benefits I’ve experienced through this coronavirus pandemic is the rekindling of my on-and-off love affair with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform that I adored as a freelancer — it was a lifeline, a source of new business, and my address book. Although still a hugely helpful source of articles about best practices in marketing, as life has become busier and our agency has expanded, it hasn’t been such an important part of my routine. My daily work network is my team, not an expanded group of consultants on LinkedIn as in years past.

However, now that I’m “off the road” and working remotely, LinkedIn has found its way back into my must-check rotation. In fact, I’ve been keeping a computer window open throughout the day for LinkedIn. I’ve been researching specialists to provide key services, investing in my personal content, and reconnecting with long-lost contacts.

Of course, our digital marketing team posts AC&C content on our agency page. We also purchase LinkedIn advertising for our clients. But from a personal standpoint, LinkedIn serves as a momentum builder for me. I learn new professional tips, read interesting articles, and connect with meaningful contacts.

The love affair is definitely back on. If you would like to connect on LinkedIn, please click here.

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