Whenever the market tightens or life throws a curveball (ahem … COVID-19), some entrepreneurs and marketers see wide-open opportunity to trailblaze. Others, only roadblocks.
Why do the trailblazers see green lights? Number one: confidence in their product, service, or team. Number two: They know their customers.
The trailblazers don’t hit pause and aimlessly wonder what’s next. They bypass doubts and go straight to strategy and then deployment. They lean on years of experience. If you’re ready to tap into your inner trailblazer, start by realigning with the truth of your business and abandon unprofitable whims.
If you’re a service provider, listen to the heart of your customers. How can you help your customers as people? Second, how can you help their businesses weather immediate challenges? 
If you’re a brand manager with an e-commerce offering or brick and mortar store, now is the time for honesty with yourself and your customers. Make sure your position on COVID-19 is transparent, your product descriptions are accurate, and your shipping policies are clear. Be open with your commitment to their businesses and yours. 

When shelter-in-place is over and we’re permitted to return to “normal,” the marketplace will have shifted. Ever-so-smoothly, the true leaders will have inspired their companies to a new level with a steady hand focused on excellence and profitability.
Now is the time to ask yourself: Will you be a trailblazer?
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In case you missed my note yesterday, between now and when shelter-in-place is lifted, I’ll be sending a daily marketing brief. My hope is that you find these daily notes valuable to your business and helpful for your spirit.

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