Brand guides aren’t just for big, fancy brands. Brand guides are meant for any company looking to build brand equity, lay the foundation for years to come and scale up. You might be saying to yourself, “OK, cool! I’ll get a brand guide!”

Brace yourself. A brand guide isn’t just a logo and a few font names. It’s actually a huge, but worthwhile, amount of work. A brand guide is an exercise in client collaboration. This is the time where we get to know and appreciate our client’s dedication to their business inherently. We learn about their professional dreams, their core principles and how they want to develop their brand legacy.

Specifically, creating a guide requires copywriting, graphic design, and a boatload of inspiration. At the very least, your brand guide should include the following:

• Your brand’s mission

• Your brand’s values

• Logos and logo usage

• Brand fonts

• Photographic usage and guidelines

• Collateral templates

• Social media mockups

A brand guide is a living, breathing document that will live well into the future and work for anyone who is responsible for communicating about the brand. It’s meant to give you a solid platform with indestructible rules of engagement. Well, until you decide to rebrand that is… Investing in a brand guide isn’t cheap. But it’s worth it.

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